ISIMA 2011: Photos from the program

KIAA Beijing, June 27th - August 5th, 2011

ISIMA conference participants in front of KIAA-PKU

ISIMA reception (Sunday June 26th)

Project discussion, week 1 (left to right: Daniel Perez-Beker, Jiwei Xie, Alexis Brandeker, Yanqin Wu, Matthias Gritschneder)

Poster session, week 1 (left to right: Mikhail Belyaev, local undergraduates from PKU)

Project discussion, week 1

The conference participants thank the 3 lecturers for their fantastic work. From left to right: Pascale Garaud (ISIMA program director), Chris Matzner (U. Toronto), Eugene Chiang (UC Berkeley) and Lee Hartmann (U. Michigan). Friday, July 1st.

Conference dinner, Friday July 1st

Visit to the Great Wall of China (Sunday July 3rd)

Visit to the Great Wall of China (Sunday July 3rd)

Dinner time at the local cantine

Students working hard in their office (Week 4)

Project discussions (Eugene Chiang, Peng Jiang, Week 4)

Seminar question time in the KIAA Auditorium (Takayuki Muto, Week 5)

Seminar by Andrew Cumming Week 5

Project discussions (Daniel Perez-Beker, Subu Mohanty, Week 5)

Project discussions (Christoph Olczak, Marina Galvagni, Week 5)

Project discussions (Alexis Brandeker, Jiwei Xie, Week 5)

Project discussions (Takayuki Muto, Nathan Goldbaum, Week 5)

Project discussions (Christoph Olczak, Munan Gong, Pascale Garaud, Doug Lin, Week 5)

Project discussions (Eugene Chiang, Pascal Tremblin)

Project presentations (Marina Galvagni)

Project presentations (Munan Gong)

Project presentations (Nathan Goldbaum)

Project presentations (Jacques Masson)