ISIMA Conference: Transport Processes in Astrophysics

UC Santa Cruz, July 6th - July 10th, 2010

Interdisciplinary Sciences Building, Room 102

The ISIMA conference is hosted in the first week of the ISIMA program, and features invited pedagogical lectures in the morning, with afternoon contributed talks presenting state-of-the-art research on the program topic. Participation to the ISIMA conference is open to everyone who wishes to attend.

The ISIMA conference program includes morning lectures and afternoon contributed talks on the program topic. The morning lectures are meant for a broad audience including the ISIMA summer fellows. The contributed talks are 20 minutes long each, and present the latest developments in the field. Lectures are video-recorded, and all presentations are published online, please click on the link to access them. Each day, open discussion sessions are held to encourage questions and the sharing of ideas.

Important: As of July 21st, 2011, the movies for the presentations for ISIMA 2010 are no longer hosted on the server. A copy of the DVDs is available on demand at cost, please email to request a copy.

A Mentoring workshop is organised in conjunction with the Institute for Science and Engineers Educators. This workshop is designed to prepare post-doctoral fellows and young faculty in mentoring graduate students. Registration to the workshop is mandatory.

Scientific Program

Monday 7/5:

  • 4 pm - 7 pm: Program Reception, community room

Tuesday 7/6:

Wednesday 7/7:

Thursday 7/8:

Friday 7/9:

Saturday 7/10: